The Blueberry is a fruit and food item in the more recent versions of the Food Plus mod. It can be found and foraged from across the Minecraft world.


Blueberries can be eaten by the player to restore 2 Hunger points of hunger for each one.

Found as an ingredient in this recipe:


Blueberry bushes are found throughout various biomes in the form of short bushes with blue specks that can be broken to drop around 3 Blueberries at once.

Farming Edit

Blueberry crop

A line of Blueberry crops and Blueberry bushes in various stages of growth.

Blueberries can be replanted on tilled soil to regrow the blueberry bushes. Once a crop Blueberry bush has matured, it does not need to be broken but can instead be right-clicked by the player. When harvested by right-clicking on the matured crop, the plant will remain to grow more berries. When harvest by breaking the crop, the player can occasionally harvest other kinds of seeds as well as blueberries.