Candy Flowers are plant-like items added into the world of Minecraft by the Food Plus mod.

Harvesting Edit

Candy Flowers are found growing in almost every biome where dirt is found. They are usually in clusters and have a slight particle effect similar to Enderman sparkles.

Candy Flowers grow through a few different stages until maturity, when they can be broken to drop Candy Sprinkles.

Candy Flower sprouts

A sprouting Candy Flower next a matured one surrounded by the purple particle effect.

Farming Edit

Unfortunately, these flowers are neither re-plantable or copy-able using Bone Meal, making them unable to be farmed.

Uses Edit

This item is not edible, but is used in the crafting recipe for Candy Sprinkles.

Former Versions Edit

Version 1.6.x Edit

  • Candy flowers dropped themselves when broken, rather than Candy Sprinkles
  • They did not grow in various stages, but were already at maturity wherever they were found.