Caramel is a food item added by the Food Plus mod, and is used to create other food recipes.

Uses Edit

Caramel is used to create these items:

If eaten, Caramel restores 2 Hunger points of hunger.

Crafting Recipe Edit

To craft caramel, cook a Sugar Bowl in a powered Microwave.

  • 1 Sugar Bowl = 1 bowl of Caramel
Microwave GUI.png

Sugar Bowl


Former Versions Edit

This food item has had a few variations over the updates of the mod

  • Caramel has been in different containers, from a bucket, a jar, and currently a bowl
  • In older versions of the mod, caramel was crafted by cooking Sugar or Sugar Cane in a fueled Furnace.

Sugar Charcoal Conflict Edit

Important Note: In the Modpack "Attack of the B-Team," this recipe conflicts with the recipe for Sugar Charcoal, making Caramel and its following recipes uncraftable. In some versions this overlap has supposedly been fixed, by crafting the Sugar Charcoal with Sugar Cane instead of Sugar (see Source 1).

External Sources Edit

  1. Attack of the B-Team Changelog List (v 1.0.13b)
  2. Food Plus mod creator (JoseTheCrafter) responding to the Caramel recipe conflict