Cocoa Butter is a food item which is also used in crafting various chocolate bars.

Harvesting Edit

In certain versions of the mod, Cocoa Butter is created as a by-product while crafting Chocolate.

  • Note: This item has known crafting issues, and has been known to be crafted using random items such as dye or eggs.

Uses Edit

Eating the cocoa butter will restore 1 hunger Hunger but has a chance of giving the player the Weakness de-buff.

Cocoa Butter is used as an ingredient in these recipes:

Former Versions Edit

When the Chocolate recipe only required 5 cocoa beans in a plus shape, Cocoa Butter was verified to automatically be made as a byproduct. Unfortunately, this seems to have been removed with the update of the Chocolate recipe that uses sugar, as Cocoa Butter is not automatically made alongside it.