The Coffee Grinder is a crafting item used to crush Coffee Beans in preparation for making various coffee flavors.

Uses Edit

This item is used to turn Coffee Beans into Coffee Dust. Every use affects its durability until it breaks and must be repaired or replaced. It is a non-placeable item.

Crafting Recipe Edit

This item is crafted on the Worktop.

Ingredients Edit

  • a block of Glass
  • Shears
  • Bucket
Crafting GUI Mod.png




Coffee Grinder

Repairing Recipe Edit

To repair a Broken Coffee Grinder, just place it in the Worktop with another block of Glass and it will be good to go!

Crafting GUI Mod.png


Broken Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder

Former Versions Edit

Originally from a mod called "Coffee & Tea" made by Minecraft user Armpie, this item along with the rest were given to JoseTheCrafter and the Food Plus mod. See this post here for more information about the former mod from the Minecraft forums.