The Dark Chocolate Bar is something that eaten once, will always leave you craving. Its counterparts are the White Chocolate Bar and the Chocolate Bar.

Uses Edit

This chocolate bar can be consumed by the player to recover 17 points of hunger Half HungerHungerHungerHungerHungerHungerHungerHungerHunger. When consumed it can also give the player 8 seconds of Jump Boost II effect.

The Dark Chocolate Bar is used to craft the Dark Chocolate Block.

Crafting Recipe Edit

This food item is crafted on the Countertop.

Ingredients Edit

Crafting GUI Mod.png

Cocoa Butter





Dark Chocolate Bar

Former Versions Edit

Originally part of The Chocolate Mod by XilionHero, this item was added to the Food Plus mod version 1.7.10 as part of a simplified merger.