Food Plus mod

Welcome to the Food Plus Wiki!

Food Plus is a Minecraft modification that includes a large variety of items and blocks that are thematically food related. It introduces different processes and ways to obtain food, to not only survive, but thrive in Minecraft. On this wiki you will learn about all the different foods, blocks and items, and how to craft them.

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Kitchen Utilities

This section includes the blocks to outfit your new Food Plus kitchen, with a short description of what each does. Each is used for specific recipes!

Food Plus Banners

Here are some of the banners made for the Food Plus mod.
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Interested in downloading the mod? Fortunately, although the bitbucket link no longer exists, the most recent stable build of the mod can be found on this wiki! Go to the link below to find a page with the download for the mod, and some instructions on how to add it to your minecraft game.

Most recent stable Food Plus Build: 1.7.x (3.2rS)